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In conclusion

A lavish wedding banquet … countdown to the Chinese New Year … a Christmas party … a family reunion … or a regular evening at the neighbourhood food court … for a true Chinese, any event is incomplete without the quintessential Mahjong!

With numerable variations like the original Hong Kong game, Modern Japanese form, American version or the Singapore set … Mahjong is present in practically every Chinese home in some form. Though it has been twisted here and there over the years the basic rules remain … and so remains the game’s most imperative quality – to bring people together!

A witness to the evolution of the Chinese culture over the centuries, Mahjong had stood the test of time to emerge as the most favourite and preferred game across China, Hong Kong Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries. History has it that Mahjong has helped generations endure the darkest days of civilization and maintained levels of sanity during the rough times.

With need for superior concentration, strategy and intelligence, Mahjong is a great work-out for the brain and there is no wonder why the game has today become a religion in itself with its clan of die-hard followers

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